We all know the pain of expensive RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools. They’re often priced based on potential rather than actual use, and it’s frustrating. But while we have to deal with it, there are times we can take advantage of it.

Recently, Kaseya made waves by changing the pricing for Datto RMM to an average of $2.89 per agent. This includes RMM, AV, Backup, and Patch Management—everything an MSP or in-house IT department needs to run a solid tech operation. Additional features are just the icing on the cake.

Why is this a game-changer?

No major RMM provider has offered such competitive pricing before. Compare this to Automate’s $3 per agent (with Screenconnect) or NCentral’s $2.75 per workstation agent and $7 per server. These prices are for their baseline services and don’t include Backup or AV. With Kaseya, you get the whole package for $2.89. Be aware, though, that Kaseya’s billing practices have had issues in the past, which is something to keep in mind. The quality of their AV and backup software can also be debated. While the current pricing is a boon, there’s potential for costs to climb if you want top-tier services.

This is like getting a full game without any DLC compared to the barebones versions other providers offer, where you have to buy DLC for the full experience. It’s a significant industry shakeup!

But there’s a catch.

We all know about loss leaders – like Costco’s rotisserie chicken sold at a loss to attract customers. Kaseya’s new pricing could be following this strategy. Early adopters will benefit from the great pricing, but as Kaseya gains more clients, prices might rise. They might also increase the costs of integrated software, making you pay more in the backend for features like advanced reporting or more robust backup solutions.

So, if you’re considering a switch, now might be the perfect time to take advantage of Kaseya’s new pricing model. Just make sure they can’t change the price on you in the future. Let us know how we can help!