A friend and beta tester of Queue Ninja asked me if he should let his dispatcher go… Here is what I told him

Your team is the lifeblood that enables your business to grow. They are your connection to your customers, the diverse opinions, and thoughts that make up your innovations. Your eyes, ears, voice, and arms of your business. Giving up a valuable employee is not something I will ever recommend. (Emphasis on valuable)

So, what do I suggest then? If Queue Ninja replaces traditional dispatch and does so while improving the quality of your services than WHY keep a dispatcher? Well, that’s just it. They are NOT a dispatcher, they are a member of the team.

Every business is going to be different and depending on your size, the dispatch role may remain necessary even with Queue Ninja’s support. However, when the traditional dispatch role no longer becomes necessary you may need to re-purpose the former dispatcher.

This is where I would usually say, you need to assess your business’s needs to determine a fit… And, I still believe you should do that but, may I suggest a hybrid role for your dispatcher? One that requires excellent organizational and customer service skills? A hybrid account manager/customer service role.

A dispatcher is often well suited for this type of role and with the cost to acquire customers often in excess of that to maintain them, it is win-win for your business. You see, by having customer service enter tickets for the team while continually building a lasting relationship with your client partners.

By managing the relationships and acting as a single point of contact for your client partners, your technical team will remain focused on the technical issues in front of them and your former dispatcher can begin to manage your customers instead of the team’s workload.

I have seen great success with this approach and would love to hear from other professionals that have leveraged this approach!