Option 1 (Contacts Within ConnectWise Automate):

You can create users so that they have access to just their machines easily through Automate if they are trying to remote into a single machine.


  • Each email must be unique inside the system. They can have their email being used as a user or used at another client or location. If they do, they may be better off having a full user created.
  • Each of these contacts may already be created within the systems if you have ConnectWise integration.
  • Each of these machines must have the Automate Agent and ConnectWise Control Agent installed on them.
  1. In the Control Center go to the Client > *Name of the Client * and on the middle screen, you should see 4 tabs, Computers, Network Devices, Retired Assets, Contacts. Select Contacts.

2. Select “+ Add” and generate contact. Please the email does have to be unique if you already have the contact in there do not create a new one and skip to step 3. You only need the First and Last Name and the Email address portions filled out

3. Now go into the Client Management Screen by double-clicking on the client and going to the contacts tab and selecting your new contact.

4. Now select the Contact and on the right-hand screen, you can select the computer(s) that will be associated with them. Again, if you have a contact that needs access to multiple clients a user is better for this.

5. Now double click the contact and it’ll take you to another screen with 4 tabs one of which would be the permissions tab, from here you can select what they have access to but the main one would be Remote Access.

6. Once that’s done go into the general tab and change their web password.

7. On web go to the Web Portal and have them login using the Log In section on the right-hand side for example https://YourAutomateFQDN.com

8. Once they are in, they will need to go the left-hand side and select computers and double click the computer they want to remote into.

9. Once there they can select the Remote access button and it’ll start a ConnectWise Control session to their machine.


This is another option you can do especially if you have break-fix clients that you need access to. Please keep in mind the number of ConnectWise Control Access sessions is the number of Automate Agents you have so if you are near your Automate Agent limit this may not be an option.


– Must have a ConnectWise Control Access Session agent installed
– Must Create a new custom property within your Automate Instance

1. Login to your ConnectWise Control instance with an Administrator account and go to the Admin section.

2. In the left tab go to the Appearance > Web Resources > Scroll all the way down to SessionProperty

3. Select the Edit Button on SessionProperty.Custom3.LabelText and change this to AssignedUsers

4. From here you’ll be going into the Access Section of ConnectWise Control in the bottom left corner you should “+ Create Session Group.” Click on this to create a new session group.

5. Create a session group with the following format without the quotations “customproperty3 LIKE $USERLOGINNAME”

6. Once that’s done go back to the Admin Section and go to Security and go to the Roles and create a user with the following ViewSessionGroup and JoinSessionGroups, you can additionally give them more abilities such as TransferFilesInSession which allows them to transfer files to and from the machine.

7. Now you can assign someone to a machine by going to any of the machines in the access session and typing in their email or name on the AssignedUsers Property.

Once the people logon they should only be able to access the machines that they are currently assigned to and have the same login username.

To create a user with limited access follows the document below:


Option 1 (Contacts): Currently there isn’t a way to add in 2FA for the contact users at this time, but they are limited in their abilities to do actions.

Option 2 (ConnectWise Control): For each of the users created you can enable 2FA by following these instructions here.