While not all MSPs have clients in the medical field, many do. Having a client that must adhere to HIPAA laws may complicate things a bit on your end but paying close attention to detail is key to ensuring everyone is compliant — and that includes your RMM vendor.

It’s been well documented that hackers target MSPs for their unfettered access to a vast network of potential victims. Instead of attacking a single business, hackers can infiltrate your clients’ IT infrastructures through your RMM software. This means you and your RMM vendor must remain vigilant to the increasing number of cyberattacks if protecting your clients is your top priority.

When your clients are healthcare providers, including doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies, protecting their data is your responsibility. Being aware of ever-changing HIPAA regulations is of the utmost importance. You and your clients should be aware of how any changes impact the way they conduct business. Most importantly, you protect their systems and networks.

Educating your employees and your customers on HIPAA rules and requirements can save you much trouble down the road. Your RMM vendor should be able to help you with keeping on the latest HIPAA laws. As you’ve heard before, your vendors are partners, and as your partners, they should step in to help where they can.

Assess your RMM software’s security features. What should your RMM include to ensure you’re complying with HIPAA? Does it have two-factor authentication? What about antivirus? Does it include logs and reporting functions? Keeping good records is essential for not only you but also your client. What if there’s an audit? Having your house in order is essential when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

Also, any vendor that comes in contact with protected health information (PHI) must complete a business associate agreement (BAA). You, as an MSP, need to fill one out, and so does your RMM vendor. BAAs are necessary, and many RMM vendors make it easy for MSPs to request one.

Working with your RMM vendor to ensure you and your customers are compliant with HIPAA is what every trusted IT advisor should do in 2021. When HIPAA data isn’t adequately protected, you and your customers are at risk. Before selecting an RMM vendor, assess what’s available in the market and determine how each vendor can assist you with keeping you and your clients compliant.