Our Goal and Value Proposition


We are driven to manage RMMs with the perfected skills of a Ninja so that our geeky friends can focus on their clients instead of their RMM.

Our goal is to offload the tedious responsibility of proactively managing desktops so that our geeky friends can return to the more interesting and profitable services they provide.

Value Proposition

ConnectWise Automate, Nable Ncentral, and others help businesses automate their services to achieve more profitable agreements.

We want to help you do that! So you don’t need to worry about training someone. (Or losing them) We know RMMs really well, like Ninja well! We will help you get more out of LabTech!

Our Shoguns

Joshua Preston
Joshua PrestonFounder
A self-declared CW Automate Ninja Master and experienced automation designer. Passionate about IT, managed services, ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise, agile(SCRUM), and leadership(culture hacking).

Formally being LabTech’s Software Senior Best Practices Analyst & LabTech Actuator put Joshua in the middle of one of the fastest growing and coolest companies. ​ While working with ConnectWise’s partners, Joshua noticed that every rapidly growing business shared some consistent qualities. Those qualities were used to craft the code of the LT Ninja, which is at the heart of LT Ninja’s culture and mindset. This code’s design is to see that our partners are better day after day, keeping them ahead of their competition.

Michael Hogan
Michael HoganFounder
This Marine and former Automate specialist at ConnectWise keeps LT Ninja on track and organized. Integrity and honor are at the heart of every action Michael takes for LT Ninja and its partners. He keeps us honest, process-focused, and moving forward. With his compass always pointing North, you can be sure that LT Ninja’s colleagues and clients are always front and center.

His efforts have leveled up LT Ninja’s organizational maturity and continue to help us ensure that our partners deliver the highest quality of services to their clients.

TJ Chacon
TJ ChaconBusiness Development
This former ConnectWise Sales operation specialist has been instrumental in many different areas of ConnectWise from customer/vendor relationships to assisting in developing hundreds of prospects to partners. Specializing in Channel sales, TJ also moved to the UK to help train and assist ConnectWise’s London based team for a time. Now with CWA NINJA, TJ handles the sales/marketing side of the business helping get the word out to MSPs and developing strategic partnerships to benefit all of CW NINJA’s clientele. Customer success is TJ’s laser focus and ensures CWA NINJA partners are taken care of.
Follow the Code of a Ninja