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Unleash Ninja Nexus:

Master Your ConnectWise RMM or CW Automate with Stealth and Precision

Automate Administration, Management and Training

When you partner with us, you free up your resources to focus on your customers and service levels.  Our team becomes an extension of your MSP and provide you a team of experts on ConnectWise RMM & Automate who work seamlessly to make your process easier and faster.

  • We are 100% focused on MSP’s and TSP’s that use ConnectWise products
  • Our founders and team have deep business and technical industry expertise
  • We live in PowerShell so your team doesn’t have too

ConnectWise RMM and Automate are your trusty swords. These mighty tools empower businesses to control their IT domains but to harness their power truly; you need a shadowy ally. Enter Ninja Nexus, the silent and deadly partner that will elevate your ConnectWise RMM or CW Automate game to legendary status.

Seamless Shadowplay

Ninja Nexus is designed to blend seamlessly with ConnectWise RMM and CW Automate, enhancing their power and rendering them even more lethal. Be it controlling endpoints, automating intricate missions, or stalking network performance, Ninja Nexus wields a formidable arsenal that effortlessly melds with your existing strategies. One crucial aspect of this is ensuring that the PSA integrated with your RMM is configured to maximize efficiency for your helpdesk operations.

Stealthy Automation

Conquer repetitive missions with a flick of your wrist, thanks to Ninja Nexus. Our automation mystique complements ConnectWise Automate and CW RMM, allowing you to obtain custom scripts and workflows straight from the ninja team. This delivers efficiency, eliminates errors, and hastens your response, freeing you for more strategic maneuvers.

Shadow Surveillance

Ninja Nexus heightens CW Automate/ConnectWise RMM’s awareness with vigilance beyond compare. Uncover threats before they awaken, minimizing downtime and enhancing your reputation. Real-time whispers and cunning reports ensure you stay one step ahead.

Limitless Expansion

As your empire expands, so must your arsenal. Ninja Nexus grows alongside you, guaranteeing your ConnectWise tool (CW RMM or CW Automate) remains effective as your realm flourishes. Our mystic powers adapt to your evolving needs, allowing you to manage a growing empire of endpoints and systems with effortless grace.

Security Scrolls and Compliance Secrets

Protecting your environment and adhering to codes is paramount. Ninja Nexus brings security features seamlessly entwined with ConnectWise RMM and CW Automate. Safeguard your secrets and unveil your compliance artifacts with our reporting prowess.

Ninja Nexus’s Shadow Council

Exceptional customer support is our creed. Our dedicated council is at your beck and call, ready to guide you through the shadows, answer your riddles, and fulfill your customizations. We are sworn to your success and shall provide the scrolls you need to conquer your ConnectWise RMM or CW Automate challenges.

Embrace the Ninja 

Are you prepared to embark on a stealthy journey where Ninja Nexus becomes your ultimate ally in mastering your ConnectWise instance? Unlock a new level of IT mastery with our seamless Shadowplay, stealthy automation, vigilant surveillance, limitless expansion, security scrolls, and the unwavering support of our ninja team.

Contact us today to learn the secrets of Ninja Nexus and take your IT dominion to legendary heights.

Clients testimonials

"10 out of 10, Great People to work with !"
Kevin Elsing, Elbo Computing

What our Clients are saying,

Clients testimonials

"Great relationship so far! We have brought questions
or requests and received positive results each time"
Justin Colantonio, Total Technology Resources

What our Clients are saying,

Clients testimonials

"We are still at the early stages of automation but working
with you has already highlighted some major inefficiencies
in how we work; something which you are helping us to rectify"
Garry Lennon, expd8

What our Clients are saying,