Ninja RoadmapCWA Nexus Roadmap LogoRoadmap Q1Blue Outline BoxWindows 11 readiness audit

Driver and firmware completion

Windows 10/11 Upgrade
script - adds in location settings
where you can define it to update drivers
and firmware and reboot beforehand in

PIMS system update - out of support
systems in audit report, language will be
improved to let people know what they
need to do.
Roadmap Q2Orange Outline BoxThird party patching and hardware
monitoring - expanded for Dell and HP

Agent health audit - when commands
don't run and credentials are not working
Roadmap Q3Green Outline BoxScript that creates GPO

Windows 10 feature upgrades audit -
This will show if there are any issues with
the windows 10 feature upgrades this

Automate Server Auditing - Monitoring
for health of the Automate server
Roadmap Q4Pink Outline BoxESXi hosts patching (in review)
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